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How to Order Vinyl Fence

Each property will be different we encourage you to please call us anytime to walk you through the ordering process.  Every vinyl fence sale on is checked by our dedicated sales staff to make sure your vinyl fence shipment is correct! 

At Direct Fence we manufacture a commercial grade vinyl fence product which is not a product you would see at a traditional box store.  Be careful of purchasing a vinyl fence from a big box store you will regret it!  A vinyl fence is an investment in your property and should last for years to come, the vinyl fence you see on the shelf will fall apart and will deteriorate in a few years.  No clips are needed!  The traditional box store vinyl fence sections require expensive and ugly clips that will not support the weight of your section. 

Not all neighborhoods and communities allow 6' tall vinyl fence in the front of your property and may require different heights based on the location of your desired fence.  We encourage you to contact your local building code office for what height of fence you can use on your property!  For most applications 6' vinyl fence can be used in the backyard with no problems.

  1. Measure your property or send us your drawing so we can break the project down for you.
  2. Draw a layout of your property (nothing fancy is needed) and state the dimensions.
  3. Choose which Direct Fence Vinyl Fence style you want for your house.
    • Multiple vinyl fence styles can be used on the same job
    • Decide the height of the vinyl fence you would like
    • Choose a color!  Most vinyl fence styles from Direct Fence are available in White Beige Clay & Gray
    • Choose your vinyl fence post cap
  4. All of our vinyl fence posts are routed with holes.  Our heavy duty rails lock directly into the vinyl fence posts. 
  5. Should you project need a vinyl fence gate decide if you would like a vinyl fence walk gate or vinyl fence double driveway gate.  A double drive gate has two pieces and opens in the middle. 
    • When you purchase a vinyl fence gate you will need to purchase Heavy Duty Gate Posts which are a 1/4" thick and can support the weight of our gates.
    • These posts are either routed to be an end post or a blank post with no holes.  The blank post commonly goes up against your house.
  6. Complete your order! But don't hesitate our trained sales staff is here to help you!  Call us at 201-377-0370 or Email us at




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